Lawn Mowers Market- India And China Fuel The Market Throughout The Forecast Period

Overview of the Report

· The global lawn mowers market was considered at USD 28.5 billion in 2019, with a CAGR of 5.6 percent predicted from 2020 to 2027. Over the last few years, the lawnmower market has seen significant technological and product advancements.

· The introduction of remote-controlled and GPS-enabled goods has simplified gardening by making it easier to track, monitor, and operate the equipment. In addition, consumer interest in gardening activities such as landscaping, backyard beautification, and backyard cookouts has increased significantly. These factors are a major contributor to market expansion and are expected to continue to drive the lawnmower industry in the coming years.

· The market has grown due to improvements in social living, an expanding middle-class population, and the embrace of gardening as a hobby. This pattern is projected to drive product demand, boosting the market growth. Furthermore, the quickly expanding commercial and residential construction industries, particularly in developing nations, are expected to drive product demand. Furthermore, rising disposable incomes and changing lifestyles in developing nations like India and China fuel the lawnmower market throughout the forecast period.

· The market is also assumed to be driven by the widespread use of equipment to maintain public amenities such as squares, schools, and sports fields. Growing demand for landscaping services in developed countries like the United States to add aesthetic value to a property will also assist drive market growth. Furthermore, a gradual transition from old manual tools to technologically advanced, automated equipment is projected to assist manufacturers in the lawnmower market flourish. Furthermore, the growing popularity of green roofs is expected to enhance product demand even further.

· Green roof usage has risen in recent years due to increased knowledge of the benefits of green roofs, such as better stormwater management by reducing runoff, energy conservation, and carbon sequestration. Green roofs also give an area for urban agriculture while also providing a healthy and attractive environment. These factors are also likely to increase their use, which will help the market grow. The growing trend of covering roofs with small and medium-sized plants and vegetation is predicted to boost demand for electric lawn mowers, propelling the whole market.

· The market for lawn mowers in the gardening equipment industry is expected to increase significantly throughout the projected period. This can be attributed to the equipment’s wide range of applications.

· Smaller instruments, such as unpowered push mowers, can be used to maintain small residential gardens. In larger residential lawns, electric or piston engine-powered mowers are used to cut the grass. In addition, technologically sophisticated lawn mowers, such as robotic lawnmowers, are reshaping the gardening equipment sector.

Product Suggestions

· The lawnmower market has been divided into manual, electric, petrol, robotic, and other categories based on the product. Over the projection period, the robots segment is predicted to have the highest CAGR of more than 11%. Robotic mowers allow for the mowing of a specified landscape to be done automatically.

· Because they feature a mobile base and docking station, they are safe and convenient to use. Furthermore, they are low-maintenance.

· Over the projection period, these are projected to be the most important aspects driving the segment. To improve the functionality and efficiency of these machines, manufacturers are incorporating ledge sensors and additional capabilities such as laser vision, smart navigation, garden mapping, memory, and self-emptying. This is also likely to be good news for the industry.

· In 2019, the electric segment had the biggest market share of 29.7%. Over the forecast period, the division is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 5%. Growing public awareness of global warming and fuel pollution is boosting demand for electric lawnmowers worldwide. The growing popularity of green roofs, particularly in developed nations such as North America and Europe, is expected to boost category growth.

Insights into End-Use

· In 2019, the residential segment was worth more than USD 16 billion, and it is prognosticated to grow at the most responsive rate throughout the projected period. End users from varied socioeconomic situations in various places frequently enter into arrangements with landscapers to upkeep their gardens.

· The need for professional mowers in the residential sector has risen as a result. In addition, the category is expected to grow due to an increase in demand for landscaping services in established economies, such as the United States, and rising residential development activity in emerging economies.