Global Cervical Cancer Diagnostic Test Market Expected To Reach US$ Xx Mn By 2026

The latest market report published by Credence Research, Inc. “Cervical Cancer Diagnostic Test Market Growth, Future Prospects, and Competitive Analysis, 2018 – 2026” the cervical cancer diagnostic test market was valued at US$ 8,779.2 Mn in 2017 and expected to reach US$ xx Mn by 2026 at a CAGR of 8.6 % during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026.

Market Insights

An infection or abnormal cell growth on the surface of the cervix leads to cervical cancer, develop uncontrollably, and frame a tumor. Cervical cancer diagnostics test is the primary examination of the cancer patients, done through Pap (Papanicolaou) smear test and HPV (Human papillomavirus) testing, in the following stage colposcopy and biopsy performed additionally to affirm further testing procedure. After the analysis performed effectively the patients at that point experiences imaging tests to begin the review of growth. Pap tests deliver real-time analysis of current cell growth, and specify whether abnormal cell growth or tumor expected to become more cancerous in the future. Superior screening with HPV testing and Pap smear testing has significantly condensed mortality rate from cervical cancer globally; such testing can prevent cancers through early detection of abnormal cell growth and improved health care management.

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In 2014, as per the American Cancer Society, there were in excess of 12,000 new instances of cervical malignancy in the U.S. furthermore; more than 4,000 deaths registered from cervical cancer. High prevalence of the disease worldwide, majorly from developing nations i.e. more than 80% is driving the market growth of cervical cancer diagnostics market. According to the World Health Organization, cervical cancer is mainly responsible for more than 300,000 deaths annually worldwide.

Development of cervical cancer diagnostic test market driven by growing female population worldwide and rising predominance rate of cervical disease, high occurrence rate of HPV (human papilloma virus) contaminations, rising number of awareness programs for cervical malignancy, and government funding and initiatives for early cure. Advanced products and innovations, and critical development in the HPV testing provides better opportunities in the worldwide market. In any case, changes in the regulations for cervical disease screening, and utilization of HPV antibodies are the key factors that are constraining development of this market. Additionally, unverifiable reimbursement scenario is the key market challenge in this market. The other prominent growth factors include increasing diagnostic procedures worldwide with higher efficacy, increasing healthcare expenditure, better reimbursement coverage, and utilization of advance diagnostic procedures in developing nations offers potential advantage to the further growth of the market.

In any case, lack of early diagnosis and treatment, high financial investment and expensive medications, strict administrative rules, and reimbursement approach issues are the key components limiting the market growth during the forecast period. In addition, the worldwide monetary conditions in the healthcare sector in developing economies make a noteworthy open door for the extension of the market.

Key Market Movements:

• Globally, the cervical cancer diagnostic test market remains to exhibit a profitable growth with a CAGR of 8.6% for the period from 2018 to 2026
• Based on the diagnostic test type, the Pap test segment shows lucrative growth with increasing applications in the diagnostic procedures due to its ease of availability and accurate results. The development of the worldwide cervical cancer diagnostic test market mainly attributed to high pervasiveness of the cancer disorders, higher adoption of Pap and HPV testing in the end user segment and higher technology assessment in the new products with increased efficacy along with higher output for early detection and better healthcare management.
• North America to contribute maximum revenue share in the overall growth of the cervical cancer diagnostic test market attributed to rising prevalence of cervical cancer, increasing ECC procedures & colposcopy tests, rising female & obese population, unsafe sex, smoking, and huge number of patients suffering from HPV infection. Increasing awareness and programs held by top cancer care institutes, maximum reimbursement coverage, higher patient safety and the presence of top manufacturers & sophisticated healthcare infrastructure in the U.S. and Canada is contributing maximum revenue share in the overall cervical cancer diagnostic test market.
• Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific to shows promising opportunities and shows growing CAGR during the forecast period owing to rising awareness among the individuals about the cervical cancer diagnostic test and its utilization. Surging population & a number of advanced healthcare settings, availability of branded test kits and instruments, and increasing healthcare spending in Russia, Brazil, India, China, and Japan may contribute the growth of the market during the forecast period.
• Major players in this vertical are Hologic Corporation, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Qiagen N.V., Siemens Healthcare, Guided Therapeutics Inc., Ascon Medical Instruments Pvt Ltd, Hoffmann-La Roche., Cooper Surgical Inc., Cardinal Health, Inc., Beckman Coulter Inc. and others.

The Global Cervical Cancer Diagnostic Test Market is Segmented into:

Research Period 2016-2026
Base Year2017
Forecast Period 2018-2026
Historical Year 2016
Unit USD Million
Segmentation Diagnostic Test Type Segment (2016–2026; US$ Mn)
 Geography Segment (2016–2026; US$ Mn)

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